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ROAMpay Wireless Supported Devices

Below is a list of currently supported devices that will work with ROAMpay G3X to accept mobile payments which is the latest moible swiper. Devices may be added without notice. Also check out our App Support page. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Android & iPhone/AppleĀ® Devices (Part #1012)
Device Name Carrier
Asus Transformer Wi-Fi
HTC Amaze T-Mobile
HTC Droid Incredible 2 Verizon
HTC Droid Incredible (AMOLED) Verizon
HTC Droid Incredible (SLCD) Verizon
HTC EVO 4G Sprint
HTC EVO View 4G Sprint
HTC EVO Shift 4G Sprint
HTC EVO 3D Sprint
HTC G2 T-Mobile
HTC G-Slate T-Mobile
HTC Hero Sprint
HTC Inspire 4G AT&T
HTC Jetstream AT&T
HTC Merge U.S. Cellular
HTC MyTouch 3G T-Mobile
HTC MyTouch 3G Slide T-Mobile
HTC MyTouch 4G T-Mobile
HTC MyTouch 4G Slide T-Mobile
HTC Nexus One AT&T
HTC Nexus One T-Mobile
HTC Rezound Verizon
HTC Senstation 4G T-Mobile
HTC Status AT&T
HTC Thunderbolt Verizon
HTC Wildfire S T-Mobile
Kyocera Echo Sprint
Lenovo ThinkPad Wi-Fi
LG Ally Verizon
LG Enlighten Verizon
LG G2X T-Mobile
LG G-Slate T-Mobile
LG myTouch Q T-Mobile
LG Optimus S Sprint
LG Optimus T T-Mobile
LG Optimus M Metro PCS
LG Optimus V Virgin Mobile
LG Phoenix AT&T
LG Revolution Verizon
LG Thrill AT&T
LG Thrive AT&T
LG Vortex Verizon
Motorola Admiral Sprint/Nextel
Motorala Atrix 2 AT&T
Motorola Cliq 2 T-Mobile
Motorola Defy T-Mobile
Motorola Droid Verizon
Motorola Droid 3 Verizon
Motorola Droid 4 Verizon
Motorola Droid Bionic Verizon
Motorola Droid Pro Verizon
Motorola Droid X Verizon
Motorola Triumph Virgin Mobile
Motorola Xoom LTE Verizon
Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Motorla Xyboard Wi-Fi
Samsung Captivate AT&T
Samsung Continuum Verizon
Samsung Conqueror Sprint
Samsung Droid Charge Verizon
Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S) Sprint
Samsung Exhibit 2 AT&T
Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) Verizon
Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) C-Spire
Samsung Galaxy S 2 U.S. Cellular
Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket AT&T
Samsung Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G Touch Sprint
Samsung Galaxy Tab Sprint
Samsung Galaxy Tab Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Wi-Fi
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE Wi-Fi
Samsung Illusion Verizon
Samsung Infuse 4G AT&T
Samsung Intercept Sprint
Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S) U.S. Cellular
Samsung Nexus S AT&T
Samsung Nexus S 4G Sprint
Samsung Precedent Straight Talk
Samsung Precedent Tracfone
Sumsung Prevail Boost Mobile
Samsung Sidekick 4G T-Mobile
Samsung Stratosphere Verizon
Samsung Transform Ultra Sprint
Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) T-Mobile
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (CDMA) Verizon
Device Name Carrier
iPad Wi-Fi
iPad 2 Wi-Fi or 3G
iPad 3 Wi-Fi or 3G
iPhone 4   AT&T
iPhone 4   Verizon
iPhone 4   C-Spire
iPhone 4S (GSM) AT&T
iPhone 4S (CDMA) Sprint
iPhone 4S (CDMA) Verizon
iPhone 3G AT&T
iPhone 3Gs AT&T
iPod Touch - 3rd gen., OS3+ Wi-Fi
BlackBerry (Part #1012)
Device Name Carrier
Bold 9000 AT&T
Bold 9650 Sprint
Bold 9650 Verizon
Bold 9700 T-Mobile
Bold 9700 AT&T
Bold 9780 T-Mobile
Curve 3G 8520 T-Mobile
Curve 3G 8520 AT&T
Curve 3G 8530 Sprint
Curve 3G 8530 Verizon
Curve 3G 8530 U.S. Cellular
Curve 3G 9330 Verizon
Curve 3G 9330 Sprint
Storm 2 9550 Verizon
Torch 9800 AT&T
Tour 9630 Sprint
Tour 9630 Verizon
Supported Operating Systems
Apple iOS devices running 4.2 and up  
Google Android devices running 2.1 and up  
BlackBerry devices running OS 5 and up  
Virtual Terminal (Part #1011)
Device Name Carrier
PC/Mac (Need Y-Cable #3011)  
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